Today's Parks

Today's Parks is a consulting company involved in the design, construction, management and marketing development of snow parks.


For more than 10 years, the team at Today's Parks has designed more than fifty snow parks and snowboarding events. Innovation and originality have been at the heart of their designs year after year.


In order to expand its presence to the rest of the Canadian market and open the borders of northeastern USA, Today's Parks had to opt for a more flexible web-based platform than the Squarespace tool they were previously using. This new Web-based platform also needed to allow for simple and fast data entry and offer a bilingual user experience.

Mobile site UI / UX Today's Parks home page

Since the site’s redesign, nearly 20% of traffic comes from the United States. The enriched user experience and new information hierarchy have significantly reduced the platform’s bounce rate [20.3%] and increased time on the site.