Orchestre Métropolitain

One of Quebec’s leading cultural ambassadors, the Orchestre Métropolitain de Montréal was founded in 1981 on a bold gamble: that the best way to promote symphonic music is by creating strong ties with the public.


Nowadays, creating an adapted and current web platform is essential to the success of a cultural organization. Relevant for these visitors and flexible for these users, the user experience is at the heart of a web redesign. The rich and singular universe of OM must now shine through its website and allow this institution to optimize its digital performance by acquiring a modern, scalable and appropriately segmented tool according to its offer.


For this web redesign, the Orchester Métropolitain de Montréal approached MILL3 to boost its online experience and provide it with the necessary current digital tools. Facilitating the transition to an integrated digital approach was at the heart of our discussions for all OM departments.


We first reviewed the architecture of the platform and the correlation between the types of content in the UX strategy stage. Then we created a simple and flexible layout system to allow all stakeholders to meet their distinct objectives. Through this redesign, it was also essential for everyone to bring the brand to life without falling into an overly expressive but elegant integration rendering.


Content migration

Our team was also mandated to automate the migration of an enormous archive of content to the new platform with the help of custom scripts. As a result, the imported data will assure great sustainability of past OM content while keeping the acquired SEO intact.