Here's GSoft, the independent software company behind a family of products that make work simpler, kinder, faster and better.

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Founded in 2006, GSoft is an integral part of the Startup landscape in Montreal and has positioned itself, over the years, as a leader in the Cloud and HR technology sector. Driven by innovation, simplicity and its strong corporate culture, the company has successfully developed and marketed two flagship products: ShareGate and Officevibe.

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In order to highlight the uniqueness of each of its brands, the CMS behind had to be extremely flexible in terms of its layout possibilities. We have therefore developed a series of modules that can be articulated around the universe of each product, but also around the graphic territories developed for GSoft digital campaigns.

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The place of the human being at the heart of companies is more important than ever. Rethinking it within organizations is the engine of innovation that intrinsically characterizes GSoft. So here it is, more place for humans.