1 ou 2 Cocktails

1ou2cocktails.com is a WordPress web platform dedicated to the art of the apéro

The vision behind 1 or 2 Cocktails 🍹, since its foundation in 2014, is to transmit its passion for the art of cocktails by offering simple recipes to make with accessible ingredients. Its primary mission is to inspire people to make cocktails at home and enjoy savoring them in good company 🥃

The rich and varied universe of the brand had to be able to express itself on several page templates. From the main recipes section to the one hosting the web series of 1 or 2 Cocktails, the CMS (WordPress) had to be able to maximize the content impact while developing a simple and intuitive experience for users.


All technical aspects of the old site had to be upgraded and migrated to a new environment. First with a tailor-made data extraction of content from the old CMS to WordPress, but also to the Algolia search tool. Allowing a quick and instant search of the 300+ cocktail recipes available.

Particular SEO attention was necessary to maintain the indexing achievements of the old site.

Prior to this web redesign, the visual identity of 1 or 2 Cocktails was updated. Firmly rooted in the origins of the brand, this new graphic proposal focuses on accessibility and user-friendliness. The brand tone has also evolved towards a more mature tone, but still as inclusive and sympathetic.

In short, 1 ou 2 Cocktails now offers an online experience that reflects the quality of content, recipes, articles, videos and documentaries produced by the brand and this, across all platforms.