Bien Joué

Based in Montreal, Bien Joué is a multidisciplinary production house that specializes in video content.



Most recently, the production company Bien Joué embraced a new online strategic direction. They decided to make a complete redesign of their website in order to optimize this essential tool and establish a strong digital brand experience.

Over the years, the site has become difficult to maintain, and several display issues have been identified with the mobile version. Therefore, Bien Joué wanted to redesign its site while retaining its WordPress CMS, but developing their own custom WordPress theme.

With the help of MILL3, clear objectives were defined at the start of the project:

  • Provide a unique user experience
  • Develop a flexible CMS with multiple grid options
  • Effectively communicate Bien Joué’s vision and service offering
  • Allow simple management of all text and visual content
  • Be 100% compatible on mobile devices (Responsive)

"We wanted to develop a flexible CMS with endless layout options in order to highlight all the creativity of Bien Joué. Each page of the site therefore offers a unique, rich and varied graphic universe."
- Julien Lauzon - Creative Director MILL3


The projects grid on the home page was Built using a <canvas> element and the PixiJS library, the positioning of elements under different ratios is random, resulting in an almost infinite number of layouts. There’s a secret there too, take the time to explore the grid with your keyboard or trackpad to find it! 🔦 The experience of navigating between sections is very linear, seamless through subtle transitions. All this managed by a fully custom WordPress, allowing precise control to showcase projects & articles.


The new site now highlights the vast expertise of the talented production company. Even the 404 page reflects the unique flavor of the team.