Located in Saint John, New Brunswick, Moosehead Breweries is home to Canada’s favourite iconic beers.



Driven by innovation, excellence and its people, Moosehead is now reaching new heights and opportunities. To start this process, Moosehead partnered with Conflict, an independent strategy, design and advertising agency, to complete a total rebranding of the brewery. With its new digital and brand platform, Moosehead plans to increase its notoriety into various segments, but more importantly, to create an experience that engages existing brand fans and helps to create new ones.


→ Bringing digital singularity into the larger brewery category.

At MILL3, we embarked on a journey to elevate Moosehead’s online presence, crafting a more distinct and modern brand experience. Our focus was on converting online visitors into loyal brand advocates and potential customers. We unveiled a state-of-the-art digital platform that embodied top-notch performance, captivating design, and an optimized UX.

By blending innovation with functionality, we aimed to create an immersive online environment that left a lasting impression, fostering brand loyalty, and attracting new customers to embrace the Moosehead brand.


Moosehead Rebrand : Conflict
3D Artist : Thomas Dagg