College Salette's Landing Page Tool

Faster than implementing third-party solutions, 100% on brand experience and total control over data and performance.

MILL3 landing page tool desktop mockups for College Salette WordPress CMS
College Salette Montreal design school site mobile


Since 1942, Collège Salette has offered a complete educational program in Graphic Arts. From web design to graphic design and illustration, Montreal's oldest communication art school has delivered some of the city’s greatest agency talents.


Driven by the will to increase the conversion of their paid traffic visitors, MILL3 developed a flexible system within the actual CMS [WordPress] site to create entirely custom-made landing pages. This modular builder now gives the school marketing team an ideal tool for messaging, tracking leads and optimizing site traffic.


To ensure better conversion rates, we developed landing pages that clearly brought contextualized key elements of studying at Salette to the research intent. As an example, to generate more leads for open house tours, the landing page content was focused on the advantages of the school’s physical location and the school’s competitive edge. We designed each page with one main objective so we could track results more efficiently and iterate page structure and content during running paid campaigns.

Design, UX & UI

For the College Salette marketing team to be independent and reactive in developing multiple landing pages targeted to specific needs and personas, MILL3 developed a complete modular design system of call to action, testimonial modules, customizable lead forms and email collection.

Addressing proper sales funnels within a landing page builder in WordPress [CMS] is a great way to optimize traffic and generate more qualified leads for the school.


Meanwhile, on social media.

While developing this feature, MILL3 crafted a social campaign to kickstart paid traffic to two separate landing pages. These pages targeted two types of consumers and their specific position in the College conversion funnel.

Lowering student acquisition cost & generating brand awareness on social media: ✅


To sum up...

Building performance-oriented landing pages is key to conversion. It’s a powerful tool for sales and marketing teams, especially for high ticket offers. In short, paid campaigns are only as good as their own landing pages...

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